The Gaylords

The Gaylords: Tell Me You're Mine

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Artist: The Gaylords

Artist: The Gaylords
Title: Tell Me You're Mine

Inspired by Italian ballads, this Detroit vocal group lit up the '50s charts. Their most complete collection has their hits Tell Me You're Mine; Spinning a Web; Ramona; the Strings of My Heart; from the Vine Came the Grape; Isle of Capri; Love I You (You I Love); the Little Shoemaker; Mecque, Mecque; Veni-Vidi-Vici; No Arms Can Ever Hold You 54 songs!

1.1 Tell Me You're Mine
1.2 Ramona
1.3 Spinning a Web
1.4 The Strings of My Heart
1.5 From the Vine Came the Grape
1.6 Stolen Moments
1.7 Isle of Capri
1.8 Love I You (You I Love)
1.9 The Little Shoemaker
1.10 Mecque, Mecque
1.11 Veni-Vidi-Vici
1.12 A Kiss to Call My Own
1.13 Chow Mein
1.14 My Babe
1.15 Without a Song
1.16 Lola (The Gondola Serenade)
1.17 Blues My Naughty Sweety Gave to Me
1.18 Sweet Sue
1.19 Vino Vino
1.20 Wonderful Lips
1.21 Coquette
1.22 Cuban Love Song
1.23 Aye Aye Aye
1.24 Happy Time Medley
1.25 Wonderin'
1.26 Who's Got the Pain?
1.27 Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang the Little Bird)
1.28 Bring Me a Bluebird
1.29 No Arms Can Ever Hold You
1.30 Pupalina
1.31 Plantation Boogie
1.32 A Dollar, a Nickel and a Dime
1.33 Danger, Heartbreak Ahead
1.34 Close Your Eyes
1.35 Mambo Rock
1.36 Bella Bambinella
1.37 Molly-O
1.38 Who's Gonna Take You to the Prom?
1.39 Madalaina
1.40 First Row Balcony
1.41 One Night Only
1.42 A Little Love, a Little Kiss
1.43 The Mountain Climber
1.44 Oh, Am I Lonely
1.45 Cuddle Me
1.46 Marcheta (A Love Song of Old Mexico) (Ronnie Gaylord)
1.47 I Won't Believe It (Ronnie Gaylord)
1.48 Wow! (Ronnie Gaylord)
1.49 My Heart Is Free Again (Ronnie Gaylord)
1.50 One a Two Time More (Ronnie Gaylord)
1.51 Oh, Love of Mine (Ronnie Gaylord)
1.52 Pledging My Love (Ronnie Gaylord)
1.53 Bring Back My Baby to Me (Ronnie Gaylord)
1.54 Signora Fortuna (Lady of Fortune) (Ronnie Gaylord)

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