The Hal Lovejoy Circus

The Hal Lovejoy Circus: American Made

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Product Type: CD

Artist: The Hal Lovejoy Circus
Title: American Made

Contrary to popular belief, The Hal Lovejoy Circus is not a frothy tropical drink; they are the L.A. band made up of singer/guitarist Michael Marquis, drummer/singer Scott Donnell and bassist/singer Al Nathan. Their music is a blend of pure-toned blues guitar riffs and hip-hop drum beats that is influenced more by the experimental New York underground music scene than by traditional alt-pop. Tracks here include "Hot Pants," "#1 song choice for exotic dancers for summer '99."

1.1 Size 7 Sneakers
1.2 Get Off That!
1.3 Hot Pants
1.4 Kansas City
1.5 Santa Fe
1.6 Space, Man
1.7 Used Cowboy Boots
1.8 Bottom Back
1.9 Apple Pie
1.10 Yellow Pages
1.11 Con Lim N
1.12 Hydraphonic
1.13 Baretta Bird
1.14 Crickets

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