The Jones: New Skin

The Jones: New Skin
Title: New Skin
Label: Pias America

JONES / NEW SKIN In the ten months since her first single, "Hoops," dropped online, we've been patiently waiting for the debut by soul singer-songwriter Jones. With minimal production that's light on heavy melodies, it goes straight for bouncy, electronic beats that flow over a whispered guitar part. But this is all undermining her voice that has the sensitivity of Sade and the power of Rihanna. So it's a great pleasure to discover her first album is a warm, loving one that's carefully performed with quiet restraint and whose melodies are so chill they almost dissolve. Using music as a way to communicate her deep feelings and as a way to grow, New Skin is a mature, carefully constructed first album that shows her range of songwriting ability along with her uniquely sensuous voice. Her songs are so calm and intricate that you can almost feel the temperature of the room drop.

1.1 Rainbow 2:31
1.2 Indulge 3:15
1.3 Hoops 3:48
1.4 Melt 3:34
1.5 Out of This World 3:30
1.6 Waterloo 3:49
1.7 Wild 3:52
1.8 Walk My Way 3:48
1.9 Tomorrow Is New 2:48
1.10 Bring Me Down 3:41
1.11 Lonely Cry 4:12
1.12 New Skin 3:15

The Jones: New Skin

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