The Knockouts

The Knockouts: The Knockouts Meet The Genies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Knockouts

Artist: The Knockouts
Title: The Knockouts Meet The Genies

Jersey pop-rock (The Knockouts) meets Brooklyn R&B (the Genies) on this Shad Records compilation. From The Knockouts: Darling Lorraine (their big 1959 hit); Please Be Mine; Stormy Weather; Jungle Mambo, and six more. From the Genies: Who's That Knocking (their only charting single); Chicken Necks; S'Cuse Me Lady; Come Walk with Me, and three more. First time on CD!

1.1 Darling Lorraine - the Knockouts
1.2 Riot in Room 3C - the Knockouts
1.3 Rich Boy, Poor Boy - the Knockouts
1.4 Please Be Mine - the Knockouts
1.5 Stormy Weather - the Knockouts
1.6 Teltale Kisses - the Knockouts
1.7 True Love - the Knockouts
1.8 Nobody But You - the Knockouts
1.9 Jungle Mambo - the Knockouts
1.10 Darling Lorraine (Long Version) - the Knockouts
1.11 Who S That Knocking - the Genies
1.12 The First Time - the Genies
1.13 Where Did You Go? - the Genies
1.14 Chicken Necks - the Genies
1.15 Come Walk with Me - the Genies
1.16 S'cuse Me Lady - the Genies

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