The Mackrosoft: S.E.M.E.

The Mackrosoft: S.E.M.E.
Title: S.E.M.E.
Label: CD Baby

With this release, namesake of Steely Dan's classic 1977 LP, funk conductor and mystical maestro, Aja West, has conjured a trilogy of jazz-funk albums as tight, complex and forward thinking as any Becker-Fagen concoction. Colorful and uncluttered, Aja's arrangements show his composing prowess. As always, Aja surrounds himself with a team of crack musicians - such as Money Mark, as well as a host of Pacific Northwest jazz cats - while he leads the way on the Rhodes electric piano, Hohner Clavinet, the ARP String Ensemble, and multiple Moogs. Taking cues from his Steely idols, as well as another demigod, jazz producer Creed Taylor, Aja West has carefully crafted a string of meticulously executed studio albums, perfectly balanced with the spontaneous and improvised primal nature of jazz-fusion monuments like Miles Davis' Star People. Aja breathes the same air as these geniuses of the past but is wildly time traveling in his mind. Future music now. Mackrosoft was founded in the year 2000 as an independent record label and multimedia entertainment company. Specializing in hybrids of funk, fusion, soul, jazz and electronic music, the label has received generous accolades from fans and critics alike. Unique artwork, intelligent music and a continuous stream of strong CD and Vinyl releases have flowed since Mackrosoft's inception. Now fifteen albums deep, the Mackrosoft label and artist/composer/manager, Aja West, has been offering fine cerebral funk and synth joints for years. Aja West and the Mackrosoft have been several time winners of the Independent Music awards, taking top prize in the jam category for the 2005 album "Flash and Snowball" partnered with his brother (The Cheebacabra), and top R&B prize for the 2007 album "Total Recall 2012". Aja West and the Mackrosoft have collaborated with New York based Wax Poetics and L.A. based Wax Notable both as writer/contributor to the magazine and artist under distribution and publishing contract. Press reviews: "The very bridge between the forefathers - Clinton, Stone, Hancock - and something like D'Angelo" -Straight No Chaser "Perfect...a classic 70s keyboard approach to funk!" - Dusty Groove "The Mackrosoft crew (brothers Aja West and Cheeba) have thus far sailed under the funk radar, but their mythic notoriety will soon become ubiquitous. Like Disney's Electrical Parade on acid" - Wax Poetics "On an epic project, 27 musicians unite to drop a funky, winding tale of musical freedom. Hip-hop edges frame jazz, house and disco-soul as organic instruments mingle with digital manipulators in a seductive dance. Composer and executive producer Aja West has mad chops!" - Urb Magazine "Minimal drum beats and deconstructed bass lines. Immediate underground funk!" - XLR8R "The slick fluid instrumental jams here reside in that juicy, bubble-butted zone between the porn-flick score and the blaxpoitation-film soundtrack" - The Stranger.

1.1 April Showers
1.2 S.E.M.E
1.3 Three Views of a Secret
1.4 Gidget
1.5 Dunst
1.6 ZZ Top
1.7 Enter the Fagen
1.8 Life It Too Short

The Mackrosoft: S.E.M.E.

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