The Mannequins

The Mannequins: Mannequins

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Mannequins

Title: Mannequins
Label: CD Baby

The Mannequins was originally formed in 1998 by Jennifer Scisco (aka Ace) and Chris White. Searching for musicians and writing and recording music was the main goal of the band. Frustrated because they couldn't find any members after about a year, Ace made a joke about using samplers and having mannequins on stage as 'band mates'. 'We could call ourselves The Mannequins.' Chris liked the idea, and it stuck. The Mannequins remained a two-piece until 2000, when Ace decided to split ways. With her she took the music she had written as well as the band name. Three years later, The Mannequins released it's first CD which was recorded and mastered in Ace's home studio.

1.1 If You Would, Leave!
1.2 Me
1.3 Iceland
1.4 In the Spring
1.5 Vanish
1.6 Sick
1.7 Hello, Hello
1.8 The Heckler

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