The Mission Uk

The Mission Uk: God's Own Medicine

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Mission Uk

Artist: The Mission Uk
Title: God's Own Medicine

Digitally re-mastered and expanded reissue of the British Goth Rock band's classic 1986 debut album, now including four bonus tracks: 'Wasteland' (Anniversary Mix), 'Severina' (Aqua Marine Mix), 'Wishing Well' (Previously Unreleased) and 'Love You to Death', the originally intended intro to 'Love Me to Death' that was removed due to time constraints. God's Own Medicine was the Mission's first album proper. Having signed to Phonogram following several successful independent single releases, the album contains their biggest hit 'Wasteland'. The album reached No.11 in the Top 40 and quickly earns a gold certification. Produced by Tim Palmer and recorded very quickly (by the Mission's standards!) this album captures the energy and vibrancy of a band fresh to the music world. It is arguably the best Mission album to date. The package comes with a 12 page booklet including sleeve notes by Wayne Hussey and is packed with photographs and memorabilia. Universal.

1.1 Wasteland
1.2 Bridges Burning
1.3 Garden of Delight (Hereafter)
1.4 Stay with Me
1.5 Blood Brother
1.6 Let Sleeping Dogs Die
1.7 Sacrilege
1.8 Dance on Glass
1.9 And the Dance Goes on
1.10 Severina
1.11 Love You to Death Guitar Instrumental Intro
1.12 Love Me to Death
1.13 Island in a Stream
1.14 Wishing Well Previously Unreleased
1.15 Wasteland Anniversary Mix
1.16 Severina Aqua- Marina Mix

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