The New Pulse Jazz Band

The New Pulse Jazz Band: Many Faces of Song

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Artist: The New Pulse Jazz Band
Title: Many Faces of Song

Forming one of the early and most successful of the independent labels, Galt MacDermot with the success of HAIR on Broadway and around the world, wrote and recorded the work of great writing talents such as Derek Walcott, Norman Matlock, Bill Dumaresq with talented young singers from the New York area. MANY FACES OF SONG is a collection of great writing and performing talents. MANY FACES OF SONG is presented by independent Kilmarnock Records.

1.1 Fortune and Men's Eyes
1.2 Sweetness and Light
1.3 Listen to the Wind
1.4 Change the World
1.5 Try
1.6 Weathers
1.7 She Was Young
1.8 Love
1.9 Jump in Your Heart
1.10 Quiet Sentiments
1.11 If You Loe Me
1.12 Someone to Trust
1.13 Growl
1.14 Colors
1.15 Guardian Angel
1.16 Words, Vows
1.17 In My Time
1.18 Not So Soon
1.19 Sandwich Song
1.20 The Fat Lady Sings
1.21 In the Barbershop
1.22 He Reminds Me
1.23 The Three Wise Men

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