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The Poodlums: Poodlums

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Artist: The Poodlums

Artist: The Poodlums
Title: Poodlums

Performing artists as well as music therapists, Anne and Jason of The Poodlums were inspired to make this album by the children with special needs with whom they work, as well as by the fun-loving characters of their standard poodles Murray and Dina. Anne and Jason write music that ignites a child's imagination and keeps parents entertained all at once. The album includes liner notes with activity ideas for parents, teachers, and therapists interested in furthering the educational and creative experience provided by the music. For example, in the song "Five Little Pink Pigs," the liner notes state, "Encouraging your child to point and count out such items as beans or buttons (or pigs!) with one to one correspondence helps build cognitive skills and fine motor skills. What other things can be counted at home or in the community? Your child can hear the pigs being counted in both Spanish and English in this song." Based out of Sacramento, California, The Poodlums also worked with drummer Darrell Hale on four of the songs to create an even more rhythmic and rockin' experience. Happy listeners comment, "My six-year-old son gives it two thumbs up, and my four-year old daughter wants to listen to it over and over again!" The Poodlums teamed up with editor Rob Howard of Albuquerque, New Mexico to create a DVD (coming soon!) with videos for the songs from this album that are as stimulating as the music itself, filled with even more lovable animals, laughs, bonus material and activity ideas, including how to make your own Five Little Pink Pigs activity box.

1.1 Hello Stomp
1.2 Number Song
1.3 Thump, Thump, Thump
1.4 Animals Don't Talk (Quite Like We Do)
1.5 A Boy Named Murr and His Dina Girl
1.6 Five Little Pink Pigs
1.7 Rolling
1.8 Alphabet Soup
1.9 Hot Air Balloon
1.10 One Head
1.11 Goodbye Stomp

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