The Pop Group: Boys Whose Head Exploded

The Pop Group: Boys Whose Head Exploded
Title: Boys Whose Head Exploded
Label: Freaks R Us
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited picture disc LP with digital download that includes film footage as well as LP audio. Post punk provocateurs The Pop Group unveil their latest archival release, The Boys Whose Head Exploded, a collection of live recordings drawn from incendiary appearances in late 1979 and 1980, along with a bonus DVD featuring film footage shot by legendary director Don Letts. Largely recorded in 1980, the compilation features brawling versions of songs from the band's recently reissued second studio album For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? The collection also includes the previously unreleased "73 Shadow Street," and a surprise mutation of the Glaxo Babies' "Shake The Foundation."The accompanying film footage is a short feature that's been hiding in Don Letts' punk rock archives for the past 35 years. Filmed by Letts at Alexandra Palace in June, 1980 at an all day festival that featured the likes of John Cooper Clarke, The Raincoats and The Slits - the rare footage encapsulates the band's Molotov cocktail of punk, funk, free jazz and radical politics at it's most artistically concussive.

1.1 We Are All Prostitutes (Live Milan 1980)
1.2 Justice (Live Cologne 1980)
1.3 How Much Longer (Live Cologne 1980)
1.4 Blind Faith (Live Sheffield 1979)
1.5 Forces of Oppression (Live Cologne 1980)
1.6 There Are No Spectators (Live Cologne 1980)
1.7 Feed the Hungry (Live Cologne 1980)
1.8 Rob a Bank (Live Milan 1980)
1.9 Shake the Foundation (Live Cologne 1980)
1.10 73 Shadow Street (Live Helsinki 1980)

The Pop Group: Boys Whose Head Exploded

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