The Pretty Things: Live at the BBC

The Pretty Things: Live at the BBC
Title: Live at the BBC
Label: Repertoire Records

2015 4 CD release. This set explore all the Pretty Things' BBC Radio One output, including 1960 s Top Gear, the John Peel Sessions and legendary TV shows such as The Old Grey Whistle Test, Sounds Of The Sixties, Blues At The BBC and others. Sourced from the BBC archives, this release covers numerous tracks from the 1960 and 1970 s period - including smash hits such as 'Rosalyn', 'Don't Bring Me Down', 'Midnight To Six Man', R&B standards 'Road Runner' and 'Route 66', and later classic album tracks 'S.F. Sorrow Is Born' and 'Singapore Silk Torpedo'. Expertly re-mastered by Jon Astley (who has worked on recordings by The Who, Led Zeppelin, George Harrison and many others). Detailed data in the booklet, which also includes authoritative liner notes by Richard Morton Jack, editor of Flashback magazine, with new quotes from the band.

1.1 Big Boss Man
1.2 Don't Bring Me Down
1.3 Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
1.4 Road Runner
1.5 Big City
1.6 Sitting All Alone
1.7 L.s.d.
1.8 Midnight To Six Man
1.9 Buzz The Jerk
1.10 Midnight To Six Man
1.11 Turn My Head
1.12 Defecting Grey
1.13 Walking Through My Dreams
1.14 S.f. Sorrow is born
1.15 She Says Good Morning
1.16 Balloon Burning
1.17 Send You With Loving
1.18 Spring
1.19 She's A Lover
1.20 Sickle Clowns
1.21 Cries From The Midnight Circus
1.22 Cold Stone
1.23 Stone Hearted Mama
1.24 Summertime
1.25 Sweet Orphan Lady
1.26 Peter / Rip Off Train
1.27 Love Is Good
1.28 Summertime
1.29 Slow Beginnings
1.30 Stone Hearted Mama
1.31 Cold Stone
1.32 Circus Mind
1.33 Onion Soup
1.34 Love Is Good
1.35 Rosalyn
1.36 All Night Sailor
1.37 Onion Soup / Another Bowl
1.38 Route 66
1.39 Peter / Rip Off Train
1.40 Atlanta
1.41 Religion's Dead
1.42 Havana Bound
1.43 Love Is Good
1.44 Onion Soup
1.45 Route 66
1.46 Religion's Dead
1.47 Havana Bound
1.48 Love Is Good
1.49 Onion Soup
1.50 Route 66
1.51 Bridge Of God
1.52 Singapore Silk Torpedo
1.53 Come Home Momma
1.54 Dream / Joey
1.55 Not Only But Also Big City
1.56 Belfast Cowboys / Bruise In The Sky
1.57 Dream / Joey
1.58 Singapore Silk Torpedo
1.59 Dream / Joey

The Pretty Things: Live at the BBC

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