The Psychic Paramount: II

The Psychic Paramount: II
Title: II
Label: No Quarter

As rock bands go, The Psychic Paramount is a rigorously all-in proposition. They make impact a state of being rather than a discrete event. As single-minded as the music may seem at first strike, it exists at higher elevations - of decibel, intensity, motion, color, temperature - and spills freely over the walls of genre, magma into new land. It is punk in it's fury, noise in it's rash extremity, and progressive in form. II is their 2nd studio album.

1.1 Intro/Sp
1.2 DDB
1.3 RW
1.4 N5
1.5 N6
1.6 Isolated
1.7 N5 Coda

The Psychic Paramount: II

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