The Sneaks

The Sneaks: Gymnastics

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Artist: The Sneaks

Artist: The Sneaks
Title: Gymnastics

Sneaks songs are the mesmerizing post-punk incantations of Washington, DC's Eva Moolchan. Bass and drum machine underpin Moolchan's compelling vocals, and the music straddles several decades of serious minimalist fun to create her own unique niche of rock. "The songs came together pretty fast, very tongue-in-cheek," writes Moolchan of Gymnastics. "I was playing with how we use language and twisting the words of mundane slogans, ads, and repetitive symbols I was seeing while attending school."

1.1 Tough Luck
1.2 X.T.Y
1.3 New Taste
1.4 No Problem
1.5 Red
1.6 Down in the Woods
1.7 True Killer
1.8 This Is
1.9 Figure 8
1.10 Someone Like That

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