The So So Glos

The So So Glos: Kamikaze

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Artist: The So So Glos

Artist: The So So Glos
Title: Kamikaze
Product Type: VINYL LP

The So So Glos - "Kamikaze" The So So Glos are a punk rock band from Brooklyn, New York. They have toured the U.S. and Europe extensively and are recognized for their active participation in New York's all-ages venues and DIY movement. "[They are] hometown heroes," says Blackbook Magazine of the band's high level of community involvement, "They rule the underground, all-ages music scene in the city."

1.1 Dancing Industry
1.2 A. D. D. Life
1.3 Going Out Swingin'
1.4 Devil's Doing Handstands
1.5 Magazine
1.6 Sunny Side
2.1 Kings County II: Ballad of a So So Glo
2.2 Fool on the Street
2.3 Cadaver (Career Suicide)
2.4 Inpatient
2.5 Down the Tubes
2.6 Missionary

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