The Stockholm Monsters

The Stockholm Monsters: All at Once-Singles 1981-87

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Product Type: CD

Title: All at Once-Singles 1981-87
Label: Darla Records

Comprehensive A's & B's singles collection including Fairy Tales Happy Ever After Miss Moonlight All at Once Partyline & the infamous How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? As well as sensitive re-mastering & detailed sleevenotes Alma Mater & All at Once come housed in the original exquisite Trevor Johnson sleeve designs.

1.1 Fairy Tales
1.2 Death Is Slowly Coming
1.3 Happy Ever After
1.4 Soft Babies
1.5 Miss Moonlight [1984 Mix]
1.6 The Longing
1.7 Lafayette
1.8 All at Once (Previously Unreleased)
1.9 National Pastime
1.10 How Corrupt Is Rough Trade? [12"]
1.11 Kan Kill! [12"]
1.12 Partyline [12"]
1.13 Militia
1.14 Dumbstruck
1.15 Partyline
1.16 Miss Moonlight [12"]
1.17 Shake It to the Bank [Portastudio Demo of An Intended Single]

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