The Tea Party

The Tea Party: The Tea Party

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 02/25/2022
Artist: The Tea Party

Title: The Tea Party
Label: Capitol
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Tea Party (1991) is the first album by the Canadian rock group, The Tea Party. Originally recorded as a demo, the album includes newly remixed and remastered audio from the band's own Stuart Chatwood, as well as new artwork and liner notes. Pressed on 180-gram red vinyl.

1.1 Let Me Show You The Door [2021 Remaster]
1.2 Midsummer Day [2021 Remaster]
1.3 Little Miss Heaven [2021 Remaster]
2.1 Winter Solstice [2021 Remaster]
2.2 Save Me [2021 Remaster]
2.3 Sun Is Going Down [2021 Remaster]
3.1 Watching What The Rain Blows In [2021 Remaster]
3.2 Fallen Angel [2021 Remaster]
3.3 Dreams Of Reason [2021 Remaster]
4.1 Goodman Rag [2021 Remaster]
4.2 All My Charms [2021 Remaster]
4.3 Baby What You Trying To Do [2021 Remaster]

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