The Unthanks

The Unthanks: Diversions 4: Songs And Poems Of Molly Drake

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Unthanks

Artist: The Unthanks
Title: Diversions 4: Songs And Poems Of Molly Drake
Product Type: VINYL LP

A wistful mother in the 1950s makes some simple home recordings in her family sitting room. Little could she have known that decades later, her son would become one of the most poetic and influential songwriters ever, or that more than sixty years later, the dust would be blown off her own songs. On the surface, the 2013 release of Molly Drake's work could easily have been perceived as just a curious footnote and jigsaw piece in explaining the enormous talent of Nick Drake. In the eyes of The Unthanks however, and increasingly amongst others, Molly's work is extraordinary enough to rank alongside and independently of her brilliant son. With encouragement from the Drake musical estate and the full blessing and enthusiasm of celebrated actress Gabrielle Drake (Molly's daughter and Nick's sister) The Unthanks are relishing the opportunity and will treat the challenge with the same love and diligence for their subject as they did when reinterpreting the work of Robert Wyatt and Antony & The Johnson's on Diversions Vol 1. Never intended for public release, Molly Drake's recordings, made by her husband, were made at home and are of the time. In a climate where films, stories and music are being rehashed for spurious repeat exploitation, if ever a body of work actually merited reappraisal and fresh presentation, surely the work of Molly Drake is it. Her songs share plenty of common ground with her son's - charming and bittersweet, yet dark and pensive. Tracklisting: What Can A Song Do To You? / Dream Your Dreams / Martha / How Wild The Wind Blows / Little Weaver Bird / Bird In The Blue / The Road To The Stars / Set Me Free / Woods In May / I Remember / Never Pine For The Old Love / The Shell / Soft Shelled Crabs / Do You Ever Remember / The First Day

1.1 What Can A Song Do To You'
1.2 Dream Your Dreams
1.3 Martha
1.4 How Wild The Wind Blows
1.5 Little Weaver Bird
1.6 Bird In The Blue
1.7 The Road To The Stars
1.8 Set Me Free
1.9 Woods In May
1.10 I Remember
1.11 Never Pine For The Old Love
1.12 The Shell
1.13 Soft Shelled Crabs
1.14 Do You Ever Remember'
1.15 The First Day

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