The Vines: Wicked Nature

The Vines: Wicked Nature
Title: Wicked Nature
Label: Wicked Nature Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release, the sixth album from the Australian Alt-Rock band. For the first time, the band has delivered a double album containing 22 songs. On WICKED NATURE, frontman Craig Nicholls makes his debut in the role of record producer. He co-produced disc one with regarded Australian tape loving analog producer Paul McKercher (You Am I) and then he assumes full control over the production duties for the second disc. The Vines have been a mercurial band since they arrived in 2002. Their talent took hold when the debut album HIGHLY EVOLVED launched them as one of Rock music's new saviors. It was a height though that the volatile band was never going to maintain for long. At some point the tales took over the talent and became their namesake camouflage. Out of sight the band might have been, but not out of the studio.

1.1 Metal Zone
1.2 Ladybug
1.3 Green Utopia
1.4 Psychomatic
1.5 Killin the Planet
1.6 Anything You Say
1.7 Venus Fly Trap
1.8 Good Enough
1.9 Out of the Loop
1.10 Rave It
1.11 Wicked Nature
1.12 Into the Fire
1.13 Reincarnation
1.14 Love Is Gone
1.15 Truth
1.16 Slightly Alien
1.17 Everything Else
1.18 Fly Away
1.19 Girl I Want
1.20 Clueless
1.21 Darkest Shadow
1.22 Funny Thing

The Vines: Wicked Nature

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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