Weekend: Red

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Artist: Weekend

Artist: Weekend
Title: Red
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Limited twelve inch vinyl pressing. 2011 EP from the Indie outfit. Prepare for yet another gorgeous, violent sonic assault, because Red packs a serious punch. Opener 'Sweet Sixteen' delivers mesmerizing grind, stately bass and drums underpinned by soaring vocals, and echoed shards of guitar feedback and plucked notes. This leads directly into the noise-pop gem 'Hazel', three minutes and 50 seconds of cascading bass chords, guitar clangor and a melody and chorus most Pop bands would kill for.

1.1 Sweet Sixteen
1.2 Hazel
1.3 Your Own Nothing
1.4 The One You Want
1.5 Hazel
1.6 Golfers

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