The X-Ecutioners: Revolutions

The X-Ecutioners: Revolutions
Title: Revolutions
Label: Sony

REVOLUTIONS, their most groundbreaking album yet, mixes the ebullience of old hip-hop songs with gritty rock riffs and eclectic sonic clips to create a stunning variety of ingenious, tightly wrought tracks, the X-men redefine DJ greatness once again. Tracks include "The Countdown Part 2," "Ill Bill," and "Get with It" Featuring Cypress Hill. This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 Skit
1.2 The Countdown Part 2
1.3 Live from the PJS
1.4 Like This
1.5 C'mon
1.6 Skit 2
1.7 Back to Back
1.8 Let Me Rock
1.9 The Regulators
1.10 Space Invader
1.11 Old School Throwdown
1.12 Get with It
1.13 (Even) More Human Than Human
1.14 Skit 3
1.15 Sucka Thank He Cud Wup Me
1.16 The Truth
1.17 Ill Bill
1.18 Skit 4

The X-Ecutioners: Revolutions

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