Thee Headcoatees

Thee Headcoatees: Sisters of Suave

$16.39 $19.99
Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Thee Headcoatees
Title: Sisters of Suave
Product Type: VINYL LP

Compilation of all Thee Headcoatees singles that ever made it onto 7' of plastic. BLUE VINYL!

1.1 Davey Crockett
1.2 ÇA Plaine Pour Moi
1.3 Santa Claus
1.4 I Gotta Move
1.5 Ballad of the Insolent Pup
1.6 Johnny Jack
1.7 Swallow My Pride
1.8 Spineless Little Shit
1.9 Headcoat Girl
1.10 My Boyfriend's Learning Karate
1.11 I'm Happy
1.12 Evil Thing
1.13 Strychnine
1.14 Come Into My Mouth
1.15 Young Blood
1.16 Jackie Chan Does Kung Fu

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