These Hidden Hands

These Hidden Hands: Vicarious Memories Remixed

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Title: Vicarious Memories Remixed
Label: Hidden Hundred
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Five remixes of These Hidden Hands's expansive LP Vicarious Memories (HIDDEN 007LP, 2016). Telefon Tel Aviv offers his reinterpretation of "Glasir"; a solemnly disconcerting reduction of the original. Hypoxia (Drumcell) makes his mark on the beautiful vocalized track "Telepath", featuring Julia Kotowski. On Lustmord's remake of "Socotra", he weaves enveloping celestial melodies and ominous reverberating drones. JK Flesh boosts the energy with his distorted mix of industrial, dub, and power electronics, a spectrally bright reincarnation of "Dendera Light". British producer Death In Vegas patiently exploring serene soundscapes with much depth and color on his mix of "Angkor".

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