This Wild Life: Petaluma

This Wild Life: Petaluma
Title: Petaluma
Label: Epitaph

Description: This Wild Life have only been around since 2010 but they've already had multiple lives. The duo have lived with their records for the last four years and decided what they love and what they don't about them. Early on in the writing process for Petaluma they made a mutual decision to make a record that felt brighter, more uptempo, and something they would personally want to listen to every single damn day. They limited the arrangements to only instruments that can physically be played.

1.1 Figure It Out
1.2 Headfirst
1.3 Catie Rae
1.4 Positively Negative
1.5 Westside
1.6 Hold You Here
1.7 Come Back Down
1.8 College Kids
1.9 Never Believe
1.10 No Need for Novocaine

This Wild Life: Petaluma

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