Those Poor Bastards

Those Poor Bastards: Behold the Abyss

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Those Poor Bastards
Title: Behold the Abyss

Tribulation Recording Company proudly presents it's first ever album-novel set! The book (sold separately) is entitled 'The Terrible Tale of Edgar Switchblade,' and tells the story of a religiously obsessed and mentally disturbed bounty hunter born with cloven hooves. Together with his faithful horse Old Red, they befriend and destroy werewolves, ghosts, prostitutes and other strange creatures. The accompanying album, 'Behold The Abyss,' explores the themes of the novel and expands upon several key events. The instrumentation is sparse, broken and filled right up to the brim with misery and ugliness. When combined, the book and album present a brutal and hopeless picture of humankind's lonely pursuit of spiritual and earthly desires. The book is available in pulp-style paperback and ebook, and the album on limited-edition colored vinyl and cassette, CD and digital download.

1.1 Thee Beginning
1.2 He of Cloven Hoof
1.3 A Robe of Scarlet Thread
1.4 Old Red
1.5 My Beautiful Knife
1.6 Phantom Pool
1.7 Guilt
1.8 Find Me a Gal
1.9 Everything Is Temporary
1.10 Your Faith Shall Be Tested
1.11 Sacrificial Lamb
1.12 God's Dark Heaven
1.13 Thee End

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