Tijuana Panthers: Wayne Interest

Tijuana Panthers: Wayne Interest
Title: Wayne Interest
Label: Innovative Leisure
Product Type: VINYL LP

Live and on record, the Tijuana Panthers are a great band. You could say garage, punk or surf while describing their sound, but they're harder to pin than that. The truth is that they write classic songs that don't depend on tropes from any genre. They craft perfect pop and deliver it with energy and immediacy. For Wayne Interest, the Panthers team up with producer Richard Swift and recorded the album at his studios in Oregon. With Swift's direction and upgrade in fidelity, Wayne Interest sounds just as compelling in headphones as it would at a house party in East LA.

1.1 Four Horsemen
1.2 Torpedo
1.3 Cherry Street
1.4 Dark Matter
1.5 Sooner or Later
1.6 Fired
1.7 Nobo
1.8 Time
1.9 7th Seal
1.10 Everybody's Happy Nowadays
1.11 Reaction
1.12 Wayne Interest
1.13 Money Jar
1.14 Car Crash

Tijuana Panthers: Wayne Interest

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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