Tim Rogers: Great Image

Tim Rogers: Great Image
Title: Great Image
Label: CD Baby

Something is wrong with the world, and my music wants to fix it, make it right. I've been playing guitar for 30 years, but make my living as a machinest. Be free, Hear, listen. Burning guitar! Soothing melodies. My music will chase your blues all the way to the depths of HELLlllllllll!

1.1 Not Like Me
1.2 Take Fly
1.3 Drivin in the Bone
1.4 Weep for Whale
1.5 X-Wing Camp
1.6 Out of the Water
1.7 Pain and Suffering
1.8 Purring
1.9 Great Image
1.10 Time and Again
1.11 Money Is the Mark
1.12 Thou Sheep Art Grand
1.13 We the People

Tim Rogers: Great Image

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