Tom Kimmel: Selections from the Sweetest & the Meanest

Tom Kimmel: Selections from the Sweetest & the Meanest
Title: Selections from the Sweetest & the Meanest
Label: CD Baby

Singer/songwriter Tom Kimmel has written and recorded songs that have touched millions of people around the world. Featured in film, in television and on albums by dozens of artists, including Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Randy Travis and Linda Ronstadt, his compositions have achieved gold and platinum sales in many countries. The Sweetest and the Meanest is drawn from the author's colorful life experiences of growing up in the Deep South, traveling the world, and exploring spiritual practices. It's poems are artful yet unadorned, portals leading to worlds just below the surface of everyday life. In the words of his critically acclaimed peer, Pierce Pettis: 'Tom does with poems what Eudora Welty did with short stories... sweet (but unsentimental), understated little slices of actual human life as experienced here in the South-or anywhere, for that matter. He puts you so close to those beauty/truth/goodness moments of the heart (the ones we've all known but defy description), that you're suddenly in them before you realize it. Like Eudora, he speaks softly, sneaks up on you-and then nails you. Wonderful stuff.'

1.1 Intro
1.2 The Sweetest and the Meanest
1.3 Cannibals
1.4 The Man on the Phone
1.5 Maybe from the Back
1.6 Buddy
1.7 My Father's Brand
1.8 Detour
1.9 The Single Malt
1.10 Poetry at the Ashram
1.11 Modesty
1.12 Fascism
1.13 Downsizing
1.14 My Cat
1.15 Pretty
1.16 Cab Ride
1.17 Lawn and Garden
1.18 Wedding Poem
1.19 Room with a View
1.20 Bad News
1.21 Back to Heaven
1.22 Coincidence
1.23 Books, the Morning After
1.24 The Real Thing
1.25 Gai
1.26 Shangri-La
1.27 Mangde Chuu
1.28 Stone's
1.29 Sadder Than Jesus
1.30 I Am Not a Poet
1.31 Eulogy
1.32 My Sister
1.33 Let Myself in
1.34 Outro

Tom Kimmel: Selections from the Sweetest & the Meanest

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