Tom Kuntz

Tom Kuntz: Hearth Instrumentals

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tom Kuntz

Title: Hearth Instrumentals
Label: CD Baby

These are tunes and arrangements recorded and mixed in my home studio in the Pennsylvania mountains -- traditional-sounding music for relaxing and quieter moods (with the exception of the sultry blues of 'The Slow, Hot Fireside Dance'). The songs are hand-crafted and low-tech -- the opposite of a slick production -- though all have been professionally mastered by a Grammy-winning engineer in New York. They would be perfect for film soundtrack use. And, of course, simple enjoyment. Thanks for listening.

1.1 Golden Pond
1.2 Autumn
1.3 Lovers' Stroll
1.4 Daybreak
1.5 Vivaldi for Keyboard
1.6 The Slow, Hot Fireside Dance (G-String Blues)
1.7 Sparks and Embers
1.8 Saturday, 10 A.M
1.9 Dusk
1.10 Snowfall
1.11 Greensleeves (Traditional)
1.12 Reverie
1.13 Rain

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