Tomas Nicholas

Tomas Nicholas: Once Upon a Time

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Artist: Tomas Nicholas

Artist: Tomas Nicholas
Title: Once Upon a Time

It's true that while memories are precious and enjoyable, things fade away and time changes everything. I'm sure glad I got to hear so much of the great music from generations before me, perhaps like you, Stephen Foster thru Cole Porter and all the great crooners and such, even if it was just a middle of the road genre. My mom could play classical music on piano, and also played an accordion and cello. Her mom was a keyboardist as well and they were considered professionals while I am but a hobbyist picking this up late in life and able to create due to all the other unsung heroes, everywhere who thought out and built this technology that allows me to play and sing into a digital piano, drag across the finished rendition and upload to the internet where I both can get the cds sent to me or sell them all over the world or just post them to be heard. Wow!, Thanks everyone. It's been fun and while I always thought, since I was a little boy, hearing all these and the many more tunes coming into the room on that old radio on the wall, and while we listened in the deep, starry forest, that I would one day make an album where I played all the instruments and sang and did it all, I never imagined it to be this way. It was all the popular tunes they knew and you knew. So many to know. These are some I learned to share because ~ I loved many folks who came before me.~ There are many other cds and genre [some original] @ the usual places online. All this reminds me of someone else who gave so much and also enjoyed my mom's music, who loved us and bought all the toys for us to do it..., my dad. So, I guess I could never give up until I made this album for him because of ~ all ~ he did for all of us.

1.1 Moonlight Becomes You
1.2 Where or When
1.3 Once Upon a Time
1.4 Twelfth of Never
1.5 On the Street Where You Live
1.6 Yes Sir, That's My Baby
1.7 Side By Side
1.8 On a Slow Boat to China
1.9 Besame Mucho
1.10 There Will Never Be Another You
1.11 Night and Day
1.12 Sway
1.13 As Time Goes By
1.14 What a Wonderful World
1.15 (Put Another Nickel in) Music! Music! Music!

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