Tommy Brown: Feeling

Tommy Brown: Feeling
Title: Feeling
Label: CD Baby

The sounds of this new album and lyrics will get your heart pumping from the beginning to the end. Listen to the lyrics of this smooth voice and sound that expresses the way of love thought romance. We all have those moments where we see someone that makes you turn to jelly your heart races and you are stuck for words, well now you have them on any track from this album. Express your feelings and emotions to that very special person that guides you through life good or bad. Everybody gets stuck for words to say or express, now it will never happened again. I have 2 styles on this album the cheek to cheek slow romantic i want you in my life and heart. The boy meets girl may i have this dance style. The words that are used in some of my lyrics are true to life (givin up on your love) we never want to let go of that special person but the time has come when you have to part, even if you are so in love with them. We all have friends that we think are friends but listen to track 4 of my album and see if this could happen to you when you need your friends. All the words have come from expreience and happenings in my life i had now-one to help me but with my album i can help you through the hard times expressing those feelings to the close love of your life and get smart for words . THIS ALBUM IS NOW TAKEN UNDER A GRAMMY CONSIDERATION THE TRACK GIVIN UPON LOVE CAT. 27: BEST URBAN/ALTERNATIVE PERFORMANCE THE ALBUM CAT. 30: BEST CONTEMP R&B ALBUM AND IT IS PLAYED IN ROTATION ON T'S UP RECORDS BROADCASTING STATION.YOU MAY GO TO THE WEBSITE TO TUNE INTO THE RADIO STATION. I HAVE RELEASE 2 OTHER ALBUMS NOW AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HEAR SAMPLES GO TO OUR WEBSITE AND YOU HEAR THEM. ALSO ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO PURCHASE THEM.

1.1 Be Mine
1.2 Givin Upon Love
1.3 Your Heart
1.4 I' Can't Believe
1.5 Again
1.6 Crush
1.7 I Know
1.8 Crush (Instrumental)
1.9 I' Can't Believe Remix
1.10 I Know Remix
1.11 Be Mine Remix

Tommy Brown: Feeling

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