Tommy Redd

Tommy Redd: Reddneck Rhapsody

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Artist: Tommy Redd

Artist: Tommy Redd
Title: Reddneck Rhapsody

Tommy Redd first gained fame in the late 70's as song writer/guitartist for the NC. based band NANTUCKET, who scored hits 'Heart Breaker' and 'Is It Wrong To Rock and Roll' on Epic Records. The band toured with the biggest acts of the period including KISS and AC/DC. NANTUCKETalso headlined their own tours with opening acts THE CARS, 38 SPECIAL, CHEAP TRICK. Tommy wrote almost every song NANTUCKET ever recorded with very little help. That's (8) albums and still counting. Tommy is a legend in his home state of NC. and the most talented and prolific songwriter any of us has ever seen. Tommy writes any style song you can imagine, and especially likes to tickle your funny bone with his much sought after comedy material. I started recording Tommy's material, outside of NANTUCKET, about 1984 and Tommy had completed (5) albums worth of material on his own by 2007. It was at this point that we decided to take the best of this material and come up with his solo project. Tommy was born and raised in Maysville, NC. and that's about as southern/country as it gets. He started out singing and playing his Sears guitar in his Daddy's general store. Tommy has always had a love affair with the south, which inspired most of this material. As a matter of fact, Tommy has been accussed of sounding ....well....kind of red neck.....Welcome to Reddneck Rhapsody !

1.1 Britney Spears (One More Beer)
1.2 Reddneck Rhapsody
1.3 Couldn't Scratch My Ass with a Handful of Fish Hooks
1.4 Keep That Drunk Off the Juke Box
1.5 Dammit Boy
1.6 Ain't Whistlin' Dixie
1.7 Cadillac Motel
1.8 What Do the Kitties Think
1.9 Beer Dumplin
1.10 Dixie Style
1.11 What's Your Sister's Name
1.12 I Ain't Gonna Two Step
1.13 Quit Yer Grinnin' (And Drop Your Linen)
1.14 In a Hurry
1.15 Haunted House
1.16 Puff Granddaddy
1.17 G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised in the South)
1.18 Farwood

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