Tommy Tutone: A Long Time Ago

Tommy Tutone: A Long Time Ago
Title: A Long Time Ago
Label: Yellow

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1994 album from Tommy Tutone AKA singer/songwriter Tommy Heath. Originally released as Nervous Love, this album has been remixed and remastered by producer Fred James. The four bonus tracks include alternate versions of album tracks plus an acoustic version of the hit '867-5309/Jenny'. Yellow Label. 2011.

1.1 A Long Time Ago4:20
1.2 Once You Start Walking4:32
1.3 I Wake Up in Heaven3:06
1.4 Another Slow Dance3:31
1.5 Our Special Place3:58
1.6 Marincy Arizona3:56
1.7 Nervous Love2:45
1.8 Mr. Hold Up Man3:51
1.9 The Far Side of the Bed2:27
1.10 Reach Out and Touch Her3:13
1.11 Another Slow Dance (Alternative Version)*3:32
1.12 Nervous Love (Alternative Version)*2:44
1.13 Reach Out and Touch Her (Alternative Version)*2:58
1.14 867-5309 / Jenny (Acoustic Version) *3:17

Tommy Tutone: A Long Time Ago

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