Tomorrows Tulips: Eternally Teenage

Tomorrows Tulips: Eternally Teenage
Title: Eternally Teenage
Label: Galaxia Records

Tomorrow's Tulips is the brainchild of Al Knost and Christina Kee. On their 2011 debut album Eternally Teenage, the pair taps their SoCal roots to create breezy pop of heartbreaking genius and genre-bending optimism. With jangled hooks and swaths of reverb, Eternally Teenage's lo-fi tracks are not so much stripped down as they are neatly refined and packaged into individual arrangements of precise noise and Fender-fuzzed nostalgia. Tomorrow's Tulips is the sound of freedom and unhinged creativity, always smiling and always moving forward, and Eternally Teenage finds the duo shimmering with an unrestricted confidence in their unorthodox techniques and songwriting. Massive in it's span of modesty, complexity and influence, the album is a perfect representation of two artists who are taking chances, freeing listeners and sound tracking endless summers.

1.1 Microwave
1.2 Eternally Teenage
1.3 Hotel Nowhere
1.4 Lull
1.5 Shades of Grey
1.6 Casual Hopelessness
1.7 [Untitled]
1.8 Roses
1.9 Unconditional Silence
1.10 Optomistic Vibes
1.11 Wednesday
1.12 Livingroom Sensative
1.13 Space Box
1.14 Tired

Tomorrows Tulips: Eternally Teenage

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