Tony Valentine

Tony Valentine: Sentimental Soul

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tony Valentine

Title: Sentimental Soul
Label: CD Baby

Tony Valentine Band has a versatility that offers a mirror reflection of the man himself. Straight ahead melodic rock with pop overtones, these pages out of Tony's past take on a life of their own in this unique first collection of original tunes. Tony, with lyricists Craig Rogers and Glena Valentine, has managed to compile songs that allow a view straight into his life. Being inspired by so many artists before him, he has been compared to the likes of Marc Cohn, Dave Mathews, Toto, Train and Collective Soul, to name a few. The moving message of "Wait for Me", written within hours of his fathers' passing, gives listeners pause to connect with the artist on an emotional level. With the almost irreverent "I Guess" having a definite upbeat take on the darker aspects of relationships. While "Heroes Almost Always" is attributed to an age of change nationally, "Sentimental Soul" refers to changes of a more personal one. The addition of a string trio on three tracks gives evidence to the deeper personal passion in Tony's music. With band members Garth Johnson (lead guitar), Eric Frank (bass), Mike Walsh (acoustic guitar), and Dave Ryles (Drums) bringing their individual personalities to the project, the end result is a sound to take notice of. Mike, Dave and Craig Rogers lend a hand with the layered harmonies behind Tony's stellar vocal performance. You can sense the maturity behind the sound of this band. Such a great CD for that road trip or if you just need to kick back and reflect. No collection should be without this one. Check it out! You're sure to wear it out!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Sentimental Soul
1.3 Some Things Are Stronger
1.4 Just One Day
1.5 Shining Knight
1.6 Heroes Almost Always
1.7 Olivia
1.8 Dreamers Destiny
1.9 I Guess
1.10 When the Time Comes
1.11 Every Time
1.12 Reminisce
1.13 Wait for Me

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