Tower of Power: Oakland Zone

Tower of Power: Oakland Zone
Title: Oakland Zone
Label: Top Records

Re-release of Tower of Power's most recent studio album (released in 2003) on their label, Tower of Power Records. The ten piece collective features founding members Emilio Castillo and Doc Kipka on horns, David Garibaldi on drums and Rocco Prestia on bass. Oakland Zone harks back to the original TOP sound of heavy hitting funk with rich R&B vocals, courtesy of Larry Braggs. Includes TOP's signature sound with tracks like "Give Me Your Love," "This Type of Funk" and "Happy Bout That". 2008 marks the band's 40th anniversary.

1.1 Eastsideã¢'-¦
1.2 Give Me Your Love
1.3 Get What You Want
1.4 Could've Done It Better
1.5 This Type of Funk
1.6 Pocketful of Soul
1.7 Remember Love
1.8 Oakland Zone
1.9 Life Is What You Make It
1.10 Happy 'Bout That
1.11 Stranger in My Own House
1.12 Back in the Day
1.13 Page One
1.14 ... Eastside

Tower of Power: Oakland Zone

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