Tracy Latz

Tracy Latz: Shift-12 Keys to Shift Your Life

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tracy Latz

Title: Shift-12 Keys to Shift Your Life
Label: CD Baby

Tracy Latz, M.D.,M.S. is a practicing integrative psychiatrist in Mooresville, North Carolina. Marion Ross, Mh.D. is an international business entrepreneur and transpersonal psychologist practicing in New York and Paris, France. Both Tracy and Marion have used these meditations to transform their own lives and the lives of their students and patients.

1.1 Loving Benefactor
1.2 Root Chakra Exercise
1.3 Healing Relationships
1.4 2Nd/Spleen Chakra Exercise
1.5 Third and Solar Plexus Chakra Exercise
1.6 Thymus/High Heart Chakra Exercise
1.7 5Th/Throat Chakra Exercise
1.8 Self-Love Meditation
1.9 4Th/Heart Chakra Exercise
1.10 6Th/Third Eye Chakra Exercise
1.11 Releasing Shadow Characters Exercise

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