Transient Songs

Transient Songs: Foreign Rooms

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Artist: Transient Songs

Artist: Transient Songs
Title: Foreign Rooms

Transient Songs releases their sophomore album "Foreign Rooms" in March 2013. For this second release singer-songwriter John Frum has evolved his solo effort of "Cave Syndrome" into a new song writing collaboration with Shunk, Piña & Loeffler. The result is a delicate hypnotic back-beat inspired journey fused with simplistic rich guitar interplay. "It's a full band with all members contributing, it's not just me and Jimmy (Andy) going down to my basement and me tracking 10 guitars on top of each other. It was a hard album to make on many levels from the topical content of my lyrics and what was going on in my life to internal issues with me letting go of control more musically but in the end, it's an album that feels like an album. It's a very real record. There is a tension and heaviness below the surface of the breeziness that belies the albums first couple tracks. I hear it different ways every time I listen to it. In the end I just want an album that's a solid snapshot of a point in time and personally this aural image is worth a thousand words." - Frum.

1.1 Idle Hands
1.2 Southern City Saturdays
1.3 The Vens
1.4 Golden Eights
1.5 Sparrows
1.6 Places That Scare You
1.7 Way Down
1.8 Haywood
1.9 Foreign Rooms

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