Treriksroset: Kristen Musik Fran Ragsved

$22.34 $25.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Treriksroset

Title: Kristen Musik Fran Ragsved
Label: Harbinger Sound
Product Type: VINYL LP

It's often said that the best don't need to advertise - Here's the proof. After many years of working away in Stockholm's dark underside, long-standing but low-profile, Tommy Carlsson produces his most complete work to date. A solid slab of noise recorded in mono for maximum hostility. This record is an avalanche of tightly-constructed, raw caustic crunch. Let yourself wallow in the depths of these dark electronic wails. This record is without doubt the strongest statement of intent yet from the uncrowned Noise overlord of Sweden. May the Lord bless you. Edition of 300.

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