Derya Turkan

Derya Turkan: Letter from Istanbul

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Derya Turkan

Title: Letter from Istanbul
Label: CD Baby

Based on the fact that all musical traditions of the world are related is the need to acknowledge that a wide variety of musical traditions developing in and around Anatolia for centuries are irrefutably interrelated, drawn from the same ferment. Here you have an album that conveys this spontaneous immediacy via superior interpretation, a work shaped by painstaking effort of two friends. Theirs is not the kind of friendship brought about by earthquakes, not the kind of duet marred by fads or stench of money. Their friendship has developed and strengthened over many years in private homes, during nights of playing and singing together. It is a give-and-take that is not exclusively musical, but is also nurtured by their well-tempered personalities. This album draws on a carefully compiled repertoire comprised of traditional Turkish and Greek folk tunes, zeybeks, sirtos and compositions by individual artists (Nikriz Zeybek, Tanburi Cemil). Unpretentious and passionate songs embellished with emotionally charged improvisations present the sophisticated melding of tradition and playing of a professional caliber, the dynamic creativity of two master musicians. (from liner notes by Muammer Ketencoglu)

1.1 Ussak Sarki
1.2 Saba Oyun Havasi (Udi Yorgo Bacanos)
1.3 Rast Kasap Arabaci
1.4 Acemk;#252;Rdi Kanun Taksim
1.5 Acemk;#252;Rdi
1.6 Midilli Zeybek
1.7 Yagcilar Zeybek
1.8 Hicaz Taksim
1.9 Hicaz Karsilama
1.10 Rast Kanun Taksim
1.11 Rast Zeybek (Tanburi Cemil Bey)
1.12 Bulut Gelir

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