Tussle: Warning

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Tussle

Artist: Tussle
Title: Warning

Tussle remix EP with remixes by Hot Chip, Optimo, Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid) and Kango & Torkill! The opening Warning track is lifted from the album Telescope Mind. The EP also contains a fantastic 10 minutes long kraut/groove remix of the track "Flicker33.3" by their friends in Hot Chip. The tusslers also gets remix treatment by Glasgow's JD Twitch from Optimo who has mixed different parts of the Telescope Mind album into one 7 minutes long mix titled "JD Twitch's Optimo Fuckhead mix". Dennis Young of legendary NYC band Liquid Liquid has done a remix of the track Elephants, and Norwegian underground house/disco star Kango is joined by his new musical partner Torkill with a edit/remix of the Warning. 'Makes the last Rapture album sound like some rank American jam band"

1.1 Warning [Telescope Mind Album Version]
1.2 Flicker 33.3 [Hot Chip Remix]
1.3 JD Twitchs Optimo Fuckhead Mix
1.4 Warning [Kango ; Torkill Mix]
1.5 Elephants

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