Ty Segall

Ty Segall: Singles 2007-2010

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Ty Segall

Artist: Ty Segall
Title: Singles 2007-2010
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. 2011 collection from the Indie Rock singer/songwriter. Jet-packing around the Indie/Garage cosmos for the last four years, Ty Segall has done too many singles and EPs and split records and shared records and albums and cassettes to count. He's found himself increasingly in the spotlight, and this year's Goodbye Bread for Drag City was met with a big wet kiss from the indie media world. But Segall don't care about that. He ain't in it for the corporate buck. He's made it because he's toured constantly, puts on a great show and genuinely loves what he does.

1.1 Where We Go
1.2 It
1.3 Sweets
1.4 Son of Sam
1.5 Skin
1.6 Booksmarts
1.7 Ms. White
1.8 ... and Then Judy Walked in
1.9 Cents
1.10 No No
1.11 Standing at the Station
1.12 My Sunshine
1.13 Fuzzy Cat
1.14 Maria Stacks
1.15 Caesar
1.16 Bullet Proof Nothing
1.17 Lovely One
1.18 Happy Creeps
1.19 Hey Big Mouth
1.20 Dating
1.21 So Alone
1.22 Shoot You in the Head
1.23 The Drag
1.24 Standing at the Station [Demo Version]
1.25 I Think I Ve Had It

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