Uk Subs: Ziezo

Uk Subs: Ziezo
Title: Ziezo
Label: Cleopatra

The first US pressing of the 2016 album by legendary punk icons UK Subs! This album completes the band's trip through the entire alphabet that began in 1979, from Another Kind Of Blue to Ziezo. The U.K. Subs are a British punk band, among the earliest in the first wave of British punk. Formed in 1976, the mainstay of the band has been vocalist Charlie Harper, originally a singer in Britain's R&B scene. They were also one of the first street punk bands.

1.1 Polarisation
1.2 Oligarchy
1.3 I've Got a Gun
1.4 Evil Vs. Evil
1.5 Proto Feminist
1.6 Disclosure
1.7 Rise
1.8 World War III
1.9 Dope Fiend
1.10 I Don't Care
1.11 Master Race
1.12 Banksy
1.13 This Machine
1.14 City of the Dead
1.15 Maid of Orleans
1.16 Zeitgeist

Uk Subs: Ziezo

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