Umberto / Maiovvi, Anton: Law Unit

Umberto / Maiovvi, Anton: Law Unit
Title: Law Unit
Label: Death Waltz
Product Type: VINYL LP

Law Unit is a brand new creation by maestros Umberto (Prophecy Of The Black Widow, Night Has A Thousand Screams) and Antoni Maiovvi (Yellow, Delta City), an original concept that in the composers' own words "moves past the retro-futurist works of their individual solo releases to explore a world of early industrial and experimental music". The resulting album is made up of ten dangerously cool and evocative cuts, the kind of tracks that put you in the mood for LA circa 2019, or the Detroit of 1987. Law Unit feels like exactly that; to paraphrase a certain TV show, "a lone crusader in a dangerous world". Like a one-car journey into the night of Hades, dissonant synths and intent percussion surrounding you at every move. The cacophony at times is terrifying, the apocalyptic feeling echoing through distant electric guitars and sampled vocal chorus, following you, hunting you. Or are you hunting them? But what makes this record doubly worth your time are the snatches of beauty, of wonder, hidden within Reflective synth lines, guitar, sometimes ambient, other times in the foreground. Law Unit is a masterpiece of hard beats and harder synths that you'll want on your stereo when you're making that next trip into the dark unknown.

1.1 Gold Digging
1.2 Taxidermy
1.3 Butcher
1.4 Continuity
1.5 Bonethugs
1.6 Icebox
1.7 Defenestrate Thyself
1.8 Rope
1.9 Bloodsucker
1.10 Maria

Umberto / Maiovvi, Anton: Law Unit

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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