Underworld: Dubnobasswithmyheadaman

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Underworld

Title: Dubnobasswithmyheadaman
Label: Ume

Super Deluxe box set containing five CDs (four with additional rare and unreleased tracks) with book containing memorabilia and newly created artwork by design collective tomato. Digitally re-mastered 20th Anniversary edition of the Electronica act's hugely influential album. Underworld's debut arrived as a fully formed statement of intent. It's' nine tracks showcased the limitless possibilities of electronic music. Although born out of club culture, DUBNOBASS... defied the accepted genres of the time - equally suited to the dancefloor and the after party, it was as immersive an experience quaking through bass bins or headphones. Two decades on from it's original release, it's unarguable that the album is one of the most influential British electronic records of all time; a signpost for everything from dance music's easy relationship with main stages at festivals to the radio/globe-conquering EDM phenomenon.

1.1 Dark ; Long
1.2 MMM... Skyscraper I Love You
1.3 Surfboy
1.4 Spoonman
1.5 Tongue
1.6 Dirty Epic
1.7 Cowgirl
1.8 River of Bass
1.9 M.E
2.1 The Hump (Wild Beast)
2.2 Eclipse
2.3 Tez
2.4 Dirty
2.5 Dirty Guitar
2.6 Dark ; Long (Hall's Edit)
2.7 Dark ; Long (Dark Train)
2.8 Spikee
3.1 MMM... Skyscraper I Love You (Jam Scraper)
3.2 Cowgirl (Irish Pub in Kyoto Mix)
3.3 Dark ; Long (Most 'Ospitable Mix)
3.4 MMM... Skyscraper I Love You (Telegraph 16.11.92)
3.5 Dark ; Long (Burts Mix)
3.6 Dogman Go Woof
3.7 Dark ; Long (Thing in a Book Mix)
4.1 Concord (3 Comp75 Id9 A1771 Aug 93A)
4.2 Dark ; Long (1st Ruff Id3 A1551 2)
4.3 MMM... Skyscraper I Love You (A1765 Sky Version Id4. Harmone6 Comp43)
4.4 MMM... Skyscraper I Love You (After Sky Id6 1551 2)
4.5 Can You Feel Me? (From A4796)
4.6 Birdstar (A1558 Nov 92B.1)
4.7 Dirty Epic (Dirty Ambi Piano A1764 Oct 91)
4.8 Spoonman (Version1 A1559 Nov92)
4.9 Organ (Eclipse Version from A4796)
4.10 Cowgirl (Alt Cowgirl C69 Mix from A1564)
5.1 MMM... Skyscraper I Love You
5.2 Improv 1
5.3 Bigmouth
5.4 Improv 2
5.5 Big Meat Show
5.6 Improv 3
5.7 Spoonman

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