Various Artists

Various Artists: African Tribal Music and Dances

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: African Tribal Music and Dances

Historic recordings of authentic African tribal music and dances. Digitally remastered.

1.1 Festival Music
1.2 Solo for the Seron
1.3 Hymn of Praise
1.4 Percussion Instruments
1.5 Festival of the Circumcision
1.6 Dance of the Hunters
1.7 Dance of the Women
1.8 Invocation, Entrance and Dance of the Glaou
1.9 Duet for Flutes
1.10 Solo for Musical Bow
1.11 Xylophone Solo
1.12 Male Chrous and Harp
1.13 Dance of the Witch Doctor
1.14 Sicco
1.15 Toffi
1.16 Ibonga
1.17 Gnouna Gnibi
1.18 Dianka Bi
1.19 Sibi Saba
1.20 Sindhio
1.21 Didrenquo
1.22 Bonomiollo

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