Various Artists

Various Artists: Aint Gonna Hush: And Make Some Good Girls Bad

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Aint Gonna Hush: And Make Some Good Girls Bad

The Mojo man sez: Another boss anthology with some of my fave blues and R&B songs from the golden days of music on this new opus devoted to lady singers, and it's a corker. "Well, I'm late but I'm straight, stop this stuff so I can tell you off... Ain't no use, I'm about to get loose and I ain't gonna hush." It don't get better than that!

1.1 Damita Jo - Mr. Blues
1.2 Betty O'Brien - She'll Be Gone
1.3 Faye Adams - Johnny Lee
1.4 Etta James - Market Place
1.5 Pauline Rogers - I'm Just a Woman
1.6 Cordella de Milo - Ain't Gonna Hush
1.7 Mamie Jenkins - Hambone
1.8 Ruth "Blues" Ames - Finally Met My Baby
1.9 Ann Cole - Got My Mo-Jo Working
1.10 Mamie Perry - My Baby Waited Too Long
1.11 Big Maybelle - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on
1.12 Barbara Lynn - Oh! Baby
1.13 Little Miss Jessie - My Baby Has Gone
1.14 Dorothy Ellis - Drill Daddy Drill
1.15 Marie Adams - a Fool in Love
1.16 Little Miss Janice - Scarred Knees
1.17 Big Mama Thornton - A-Don't Talk Back
1.18 Lillian Offitt - My Man Is a Lover
1.19 Varetta Dillard - Scorched
1.20 Eloise Carter - My Man Rockhead
1.21 Little Esther - T'aint Whatcha Say
1.22 Sherri Taylor - He's the One That Rings My Bell
1.23 Connie Allen ;Todd Rhodes Orchestra - Rocket 69
1.24 Marie Knight - I Thought I Told You Not to Tell Them
1.25 Carol Fran - One More Chance
1.26 Annisteen Allen - Fujiyama Mama
1.27 Valerie Carr - Rockin' Bed
1.28 Marylyn Scott - Beer Bottle Boogie

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