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Various Artists: Alchemists 2

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Alchemists 2

The Alchemists II is the sequel to LNR's highly popular The Alchemists (double) compilation CD, which was released in 2002. Here at LNR, we wanted to bring you something different for the follow-up, so we made the unorthodox decision to feature 2 guitar players per tune. This really is The Alchemists II; or put another way, 2 Alchemists on every track! Some of the original Alchemists have returned for the new CD, including Bumblefoot, Terry Syrek, Brett Garsed and Richard Hallebeek. But alongside the better known players you will find many new and upcoming musicians; players who are producing exciting, vibrant music for the new millennium. 15 tracks and over 75 mins of guitar bliss, covering every mood from metal to fusion, blues to avant garde, acoustic to dance!

1.1 Unruly Elements
1.2 One Legged Chicken
1.3 Threehundredpointtwentyone
1.4 Under the Influence
1.5 Space Antz
1.6 Stratosphere
1.7 At Last
1.8 Puffball That Ate My Village
1.9 Last Minute Call/The Saviour
1.10 Fumble Fingers
1.11 Tango Schizophrenia
1.12 Warp Drive
1.13 In the Beginning
1.14 Butterfly/Free Love/Fruit Frenzy
1.15 Georgia in My Heart

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