Various Artists

Various Artists: Cafe Del 30 Anniversary

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Cafe Del 30 Anniversary
Label: Fuse

In late 2009 there appeared to be somewhat of a major cultural tremor in the upper echelons of Cafe Del Mar central in Ibiza. While details are sketchy the result was a split with the two key principals in the business. After 10 years with the label, longtime partner, A&R guy and visionary Javier Del Moral went off to start a fresh project in the form of a new label called Republica Cafe. This 30th Anniversary set is their debut release & tracks are hand-picked by the man himself. Fittingly, 30 tracks both classic and new representing the best in contemporary balearic electronica and laidback beats and encompassing all of what you would expect from a compiler with such a storied history in the Ibiza scene. Presented in a deluxe matt-celo walletwith a gold embossed cover.

1.1 Angel Aria
1.2 Aperitif
1.3 Es Verd
1.4 Vienna
1.5 Beach Life
1.6 Rain ; Shine
1.7 Summer Is Back
1.8 Just Get Over It
1.9 Closer to You
1.10 The Lost Reef
1.11 Golden Sunset
1.12 Atlantis
1.13 A-Way
1.14 Russian Paradise
1.15 Sheela and Luna
2.1 Lost in My Dreams
2.2 Good Things Come
2.3 Streets of Desire
2.4 Kuma Be Na Folon
2.5 Only for Today
2.6 Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
2.7 Arametrix
2.8 Pensando en Ti
2.9 Another Day
2.10 Cruceiro Du Sol [Lounge Mix]
2.11 One Step Higher
2.12 Duende
2.13 Quiet Lounge
2.14 Can You Feel It Now
2.15 Nocturno

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