Various Artists

Various Artists: Chamber Music 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Chamber Music 1
Label: New Focus

The Association for the Promotion of New Music (APNM) was founded as a community of American composers with shared aesthetic values. This double album release features acoustic (album 1) and electro-acoustic works by their member composers, including Stephen Dydo, Sheree Clement, Laurie San Martin, Carl Bettendorf, and Hubert Howe. Founded in 1975 by composer and conductor Jacques-Louis Monod, the Association for the Promotion of New Music is a national composer consortium whose purpose it is to make available a broad and significant range of contemporary musical compositions through publication, distribution, sales, and public performance. APNM maintains a catalog of members' works including biographies, titles, instrumentation, and the duration of works.

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