Various Artists

Various Artists: Chess Uptown Soul / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Chess Uptown Soul / Various
Label: Kent Records UK

1.1 Entertainer
1.2 Love Ain't Nothin'
1.3 Jerk and Twine
1.4 Oh What a Feeling
1.5 It Ain't No Big Thing
1.6 Sitting in the Park
1.7 Temptation 'Bout to Get Me
1.8 Everything to Me
1.9 Nothing But You
1.10 I Won't Need You
1.11 Wear It on Our Face
1.12 Do You Wanta Go
1.13 Pushover
1.14 Believe in Me Baby
1.15 Searching for My Love
1.16 I Had a Talk with My Man
1.17 I Believe She Will
1.18 So Much Love
1.19 Hurt So Bad
1.20 Here You Come Running
1.21 Mama Didn't Lie
1.22 Go Away Little Boy
1.23 Soul of a Man
1.24 Two in the Morning

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